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Resilo  (Latin) Resile - to spring back

Resilo Therapy is a soft tissue therapy technique for physical injury, and fitness. The therapy is complementary, and was developed by a top British physiotherapist in 1969.

Resilo Therapy has an outstanding history of success.

With a broad range of past clients, from famous actors,

to professional athletes, to plumbers, to musicians,

to university students.

We are the founders and representing body for therapists practising.

Teaching this therapy to professional level, and bringing relief to the public, we operate an international College and Clinic in the South East of England and a Clinic in London.

Our reach is starting to span across multiple countries. We are recognised for our work, and are supported by the UK Government Department for International Trade, working towards fulfilling our global relief strategy.

Our core values are equality and care.


Some Of our thousands of testimonials

(Client) S.K - Top British Snowboarder

innovative GENERATION


1930 - 2006

Keith was a State Registered Physiotherapist, senior lecturer in physiotherapy and soft tissue therapy, pioneering researcher, and mayor of St Ives. 


He was connected with the following associations:

Member of Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.

Member and South West Representative of The Organisation of Charted Physiotherapists in Private Practice (now Physio First).

Founding Member & Chairman of Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Sports Medicine (now Physios In Sport).

Professional Member of British Association of Sports Medicine (now British Association of Sports & Exercise Medicine).

Professional Member of Sports Writers Association (now Sports Journalists Association).

Professional Member of Ergonomics Research Society (now Chartered Institute of Ergonomics).

National Secretary of Surf Life Saving Association (now Surf Live Saving GB).

Keith worked on many emerging health principals. 

He became profoundly proficient in sports massage, connective tissue massage, physiotherapy and an advanced soft tissue therapy technique: Soft Tissue Mobilisation - consisting of a combined 30 hand and stroke techniques.

In 1969 he developed the core system of ideology behind Resilo Therapy.

This was later developed into the technique of Resilo Therapy, Keith tested and refined this therapy in his private Harley Street Clinic in London. Achieving great results with all kinds of businessmen, athletes, and dancers. 


Some of his clients were various British Olympic Teams, International Rugby Players, and various Ballet Companies.


Chris Slocombe


(Full Member Football Medicine and Performance Association)

Chris trained under his father, Keith Slocombe, from an early age. Further developing the technique under Keith's guidance, up until Keith retired. 


Then progressing to a high level, throughout his career Chris has worked with many high level professionals, and wants to continue at that level.


Some of his past clients include top dancers in the West End, Michael Jackson Thriller Shows, and famous actors.

John Cleese dubbed him "Magic Hands", whilst Sean Connery said "You've got the touch".

As well as professional European and British athletes including Jonah Barrington (six times British squash champion) and Wayne Sleep - elite tap dancer.  

After years of study and research he re-structured and refined the teachable side of Resilo Therapy.

Opening a College in Sussex in 2015, where he also treats clients part time.

Chris has been achieving great results with Resilo Therapy for over 30 years.

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