The Resilo Body Stress Test

How would it be if we could tell where pain, stresses & injury, buried or recent, were located in the body within minutes.....with almost pinpoint accuracy?  "OMG I knew there was something there...I even had an MRI scan and they didn't find anything...(crying)" VK.

You might say that this is impossible. Not so. With the Resilo Body Stress test that is exactly what we do. Within minutes pain injury and stress are located, some Resilo Techniques are then given to immediately improve the situation and the healing process can then be enabled. The whole process takes about 15 mins, is given fully clothed and can be done on a therapy table or in a chair, anywhere anytime. Book your FREE Body Stress Test now!

"At the Health Show I had a 15 minute demonstration, when I got up I was so surprised, I could now feel my feet fully grounded and in contact with the floor as if for the first time my balance was different.  And I felt light-- AMAZING!" SM Yoga Teacher.

"I had a 15 minute Demo at a show and the effect lasted much longer than any other therapy I've had" MC.

"How does that work, I can understand my neck felt looser, but two days later my skin felt softer!" AH.

"My knees are significantly better, by about 70%! I even wanted to go

back to the gym--cannot believe this after just 15 mins."SW.

Stress Test Success