Resilo History

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S.K, Champion British Snowboarder(Client)


            Resilo (Latin): to spring back, to change back, to restore.


St Ives: "Young men with bright visions and deep perceptions and tremendous talent. They will come, not to paint the bay and the sea and the boats, but the warmth of the sun and the colour of the wind. A whole new concept."


The Shell Seekers,1987

by Rosamunde Pilcher

Keith Slocombe, 3rd in a family of British medical inventors & pioneers; started physiotherapy practice in the world's centre of modern art. His friends Barbara Hepworth and Denis Mitchell (Chris' godparents), made one of the worlds largest bronze sculptures 'Single form' (BH325) the 'Humanity Concept' for the New York HQ of the United Nations. Contributing also to the first holistic theory 'form theory' (1960). Barbara Hepworth led this new post-war philosophy; thinking & seeing the world differently. Leading to an "evolution in the modern movement of art". The inner and outer form; in art and in life.


            Paris                   St. Ives            New York

          to 1939            1939-1964          1964 on

   World Centres of Modern Art & Thinking

Resilo was a part of this revolution - the first holistic therapy.  Living next to a surf beach, as good as any in California, in 1959 Keith Slocombe started to surf and build the UK's first surfboards; going on to become not only the Mayor of St. Ives, but the figurehead for surfing and lifesaving in the UK after opening Europe's first surf shop in St. Ives (1963).

As an old boy local historian described St. Ives then: "Welcome to wonderland".

Into this heady mix of aesthetics and 1960's surf culture, the beginnings of Resilo as a brand new therapy were discovered, with Keith opening the UK's first Holistic Clinic (1970) and Harley Street, London in 1975. Chris, the 4th generation to work there (1976-1981), co-invented & refined  his father's discoveries, taking it into the health & fitness field - following work on actors & dancers at Pineapple dance centre and West End theatres in London.

Barbara Hepworth Estate/Keith Slocombe Estate/Chris Slocombe © 1960/1969/2016




This pioneering holistic bodywork was first developed as a stress technology for UK physiotherapy in the 1960's, by using the form theory.



​By 1970 becoming the world's first functional therapy. Not treating the physical problem directly, but the hidden mechanism behind it. In other words, by changing the body's response ability.



Keith Slocombe, coming from a medical background, knew he was observing something unusual and first coined the term 'Resilo Reflex' in 1969. Rather like switching a reflex back on that had been switched off by an injury. The body literally springing back into life again. 

The ​Resilo technique is for physical injury and body stress. It is a Complementary Therapy. Resilo has an outstanding history of success with a broad range of past clients; from famous actors to professional athletes, plumbers, musicians and university students.

Meet the Co-Founders

Keith Slocombe

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Resilo Pioneer 1930 - 2006
Keith Demonstrating


1960 -1980 A registered Physiotherapist

& senior lecturer in Physiotherapy & Soft

Tissue Therapy & pioneering researcher.

1971 Mayor of St Ives. 

1975-1980 Harley St Clinic.

In 1969 he developed the core system of ideology behind Resilo. This was later developed into the technique of Resilo today. Keith tested and refined this therapy in his private Harley Street Clinic in London where he achieved great results with all kinds of businessmen, athletes, and dancers. Some of his clients were also from various British Olympic Teams, International Rugby Players, and Ballet Companies.

Keith was an active member and a leading light in the following associations:

  • Member of Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

  • Member and South West Representative of The Organisation of Chartered Physiotherapists in Private Practice (now Physio First)

  • Founding Member & Chairman of Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Sports Medicine (now Physios In Sport)

  • Professional Member of British Association of Sports Medicine (now British Association of Sports & Exercise Medicine)

  • Professional Member of Sports Writers Association (now Sports Journalists Association)

  • Professional Member of Ergonomics Research Society (now Chartered Institute of Ergonomics)

  • National Secretary of Surf Life Saving Association (now Surf Life Saving GB)

Chris Slocombe

Resilo Co-Founder & MD
1976-1981 Harley St clinic
1981- 1984 First therapist in Pineapple Dance Centre.
2015 founder of Resilo Clinic & College.
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West End Dancer (Pineapple Dance Studios) 1 Hour Session

Chris with

John Cleese - Actor

Keith Slocombe

Before Resilo                          After Resilo

In 1983 Chris moved out of the medical area into health and fitness, treating almost every dancer, celebrity and athlete in London and Cairo Egypt.
Chris is the founder and representing body for Resilo therapists. Teaching Resilo Therapy to a professional level bringing relief to the public.
Resilo has been tried and tested on many people over many years. Resilo is a drug free solution to a fully  functioning body. Resilo works!